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Schillings' representation of Low came into the public eye last September when the firm threatened to sue bookstores selling Billion Dollar Whale for defamation.
The partnership was formed with Schillings Critical Risk, part of the international issues and crisis law firm Schillings.
Curt had played in Boston, Arizona, Houston, Philadelphia and Baltimore, but the Schillings decided to remain in Massachusetts after he retired to provide some stability for the family.
Schillings, on his second trip to India, said, " I feel the Asian audience likes music which is a bit more upbeat as compared to Europe." Sticking to the mood, he played commercial tunes from The Black Eyed Peas and even some Michael Jackson tracks -- it was MJ who had inspired a nine- year- old Schillings for a career in music.
Sorrell Trope of Trope and Trope, identified by some media reports as the Los Angeles divorce lawyer representing the couple, has confirmed to Schillings that the company had no involvement with Pitt and Jolie.
SHONDA SCHILLING SNUGGLES close to her husband on the living-room couch in the home they rent in a sun-drenched Phoenix suburb and brings laughter to the room when she cracks, "I tease him.
Schillings warned the individual bookseller that it was 'now on notice that serious defamatory material is likely to be contained in the subject book'.
According to Schillings, the summit will also have more research content than ever.
Adding to the slew of international DJs who have been rocking the city till the wee hours of late is the French DJ Charles Schillings, probably the most recognisable music name in the fashion circuit of Paris.
But the management buy-out was a flop and in July 1997, the state-owned Gesellschaft des Bundes fur Industriepolitische Maanahmen GmbH (GBI) took over Ergee's shares for a token 1 Schilling.
OEBB said in a statement that Siemens would deliver more than 100 locomotives between 2001 and 2003, and that the contract included an option for further rail orders worth more than two billion schillings. OEBB has decided on a so-called "package solution", OEBB chief executive Helmut Draxler said in a statement.
The measures include guarantees for an operating credit of up to 90 million Schillings (ECU 6.5 million) in 1999; a soft loan of 40 million Schillings (ECU 2.9 million); and the write-off of an existing soft-loan of 42 million Schillings (ECU 3 million) conditional on Ergee keeping a minimum workforce of 370 employees from 1997 to 1999.