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She had suspected since he was a baby that something wasn't right, but thought maybe he was acting out because the family had moved a lot or that he was no longer the youngest child or that his father, Curt Schilling, was on the road so much with the Red Sox.
When you finally get the diagnosis, I couldn't even hug anyone," Shonda Schilling said in a telephone interview last week.
It took us about a year and a half to get through all the stages you go through when you find out your child is different," said Schilling, who was at Tatnuck Bookseller in Westboro yesterday to sign copies of "The Best Kind of Different" (thebestkindofdifferent.
Arizona Diamondbacks ace right-hander Curt Schilling smiles and wraps his arm around his wife.
Ultimately, I ended up being one of the reasons we didn't make the play-offs," said Schilling, who went 0-5 in a six-start stretch between August 18 and September 22.
Once this happened, I realized very quickly I'll never be able to play for a team that plays outdoors again because she does come to every game with the kids," Schilling said.
Schillings was a principal contributor to the launch of Be Incorporated, where he designed, developed and implemented the technically acclaimed BeOS.
Schillings commented, "Trolltech is a pioneer on both cross-platform development for the desktop and embedded Linux environments- making significant contributions to the explosive growth we are seeing in software development today.
Schillings will rock The Blue Bar at the Taj Palace hotel on Saturday.
Schillings claims that his African origins and Belgian culture inspired him to ' tune in' since he was nine.
Schilling faced three major challenges when it began designing the new joint assembly: reducing weight, enclosing electronics and hydraulics, and expanding its range of motion to support the way a human actually moves.
Thanks in large part to Schilling Robotics and SolidWorks software, users of the new BLEEX will be able to accomplish a full squat and bounce back up to a standing position.