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Holger W., Danish surgeon, 1877-1960. See: Scheuermann disease.
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Brace treatment for patients with Scheuermann's disease--A review of the literature and first experiences with a new brace design.
The criteria for diagnosing Scheuermann's disease were fulfilled by 3/11 (27.27%).
Middle back pain associated with an excessively rounded back, or kyphosis of the thoracic spine, is known as Scheuermann's kyphosis.
(1.) Sky News, "Quadriplegic Jan Scheuermann Feeds Herself with Robotic Arm," YouTube, 17 December 2012,
Total number of fibers (TFN) was determined by multiplying muscle fiber density by the area of pectoralis major muscle (Scheuermann et al., 2004).
Pam, who is able to get around the house using a wheelchair, was struck down with Scheuermann's disease in her late 20s shortly after giving birth to Laura.
Some critics even insist that Austen's novels uphold social norms (Scheuermann 10).
Scheuermann, "Effects of drying techniques on murtilla fruit polyphenols and antioxidant activity," Journal of Food Research, vol.
Furthermore, a case of Paget disease related to SEL has been described [11], and the association of Scheuermann disease with thoracic SEL is common [12].
Previous studies have showed decreases in power production following passive static-stretching by using durations above 90s (Robbins and Scheuermann, 2008).
From the most frequent rheumatologic diagnoses, one reminds of dorsal-lumbar scoliosis (12 %), followed by lumbar scoliosis (5.4 %), Scheuermann's disease (5.4 %), hyperlordosis (4.8 %), dorsal cifoscoliosis (1.8 %), dorsal kyphosis (3.6 %), dorsal scoliosis (1.8 %), genu flexum (0.6 %), vertebral anomalies (0.6 %).