A., early 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Scheibe hearing impairment.
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and Otilda (nee Koch) Scheibe on October 17, 1942 in Fults, Illinois.
The companys strategy to strengthen its Debt Advisory platform here in Copenhagen, as a result of its Pan-Nordic expansion, is a great opportunity for me, which I look forward to pursuing, says Manuela Scheibe.
For Eugene-based Cameron McCarthy Landscape Architecture & Planning (CMLA), that work helped it keep busy during the recession while other firms were forced to lay off staff, CMLA principal landscape architect Matt Scheibe said.
O terceiro capitulo, intitulado "Ondas mitos e contradicoes: feminismo em tempos de ditaduras no Cone Sul", de autoria de Cristina Scheibe Wolff, Cintia Lima Crescencio e Joana Maria Pedro, apresenta resultados de um amplo projeto de pesquisa envolvendo diversas pesquisadoras e pesquisadores do Cone Sul e discutem os marcos fundacionais do feminismo e suas ondas.
19) In turn, the work of Stein and Prewett, Scheibe, and Youngbauer provided us with a sort of framework for incorporating the themes of visual and media literacy into a series of historical analysis exercises, specifically the classroom use of commercial film.
En efecto, el tercer capitulo "Ondas, mitos e contradicoes: feminismos em tempos de ditaduras no Cone Sul" de Cristina Scheibe Wolff, Cintia Lima Crescencio y Joana Maria Pedro, aborda la relacion entre los feminismos y las izquierdas durante las ultimas dictaduras civico-militares del Cono Sur.
That was amazing, because we were here when the sun was setting, and we were here in twilight, which is how you'll experience a game here, so you get that feeling of what that's going to be like," said Matt Scheibe, the landscape architect for the project.
Based on this core principle, we can state that media education should promote the development of critical analysis and evaluation skills, that is, the development of habits of enquiry (learning to ask questions), as well as skills of expression (Buckingham, 2008; Scheibe and Rogow, 2012).
Cristina Scheibe Wolff, Joana Maria Pedro y Janine Gomes da Silva, participantes del proyecto "Gender, Feminisms and Dictatorships in the South Cone", del History and Gender Studies Laboratory de la Universidad Federal de Santa Caterina, exponen en su articulo "Gendered Memories: Women's Narratives from the Southern Cone" una parte de los resultados de un trabajo desarrollado durante una decada por un equipo internacional de investigadoras, que han elaborado 170 entrevistas a mujeres que participaron en movimientos de resistencia en Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay y Uruguay.
Zimmerman's girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, also (http://edition.