Scheffe, Henry

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Henry, U.S. mathematician, 1907–.
Scheffé test - compares the difference between means in the analysis of variance.
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In the event of finding significant differences among the groups, Scheffe test was utilized for finding the significance from which group it is derived.
Scheffe test post hoc comparison was done to define the pairs of concentrations with a significant difference.
Descriptive statistics and Scheffe test were used to analyze the data.
In order to find out the source of the difference between groups, the results of post hoc Scheffe test are presented in Table 2.
Scheffe test was used to verify the validity of the differences, which were revealed in the one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA).
A one-way ANOVA and Scheffe test were carried out on study period and SL, OPL, egg number, egg volume, and egg proportion during the spawning season in each of the two populations.
The Scheffe test (Table 3) shows that there are organization differences with reference to supportive work environment.
The statistical significance of between-group comparisons was determined using parametric and nonparametric criteria when appropriate (Kruskal-Wallis test with subsequent multiple comparisons, Mann-Whitney test, Wilcoxon test, [chi square] test, ANOVA, post hoc Scheffe test, and t-test).
I performed analysis of variance tests comparing the number of pollinator visits with the control and experimental flowers before and after the manipulations were performed, and for postmanipulation I assessed pair-wise differences with the Scheffe test corrected for multiple comparisons.
Sociation Calamagrostis Pseudoroegneria purpurascens spicata --Artemisia frigida Taxonomic Composition (1) Average percent cover [SD] constancy, Scheffe test (2,3) Androsace septentrionales +[+]6a (4) +[+]3a Anemone patens 2[4]5b +[+]0a Artemisia frigida 4[3]9a 8[6]9ab Calamagrostis purpurascens 44[ll]10b +[1]1a Carex spp.