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Schaumann added that ponds were designed in the former Oakport Township with housing developments in mind.
Subsequent bronchoscopy with transbronchial biopsy showed multinucleated giant cells associated with laminated concentric calcification (Schaumann bodies).
Finally, Caroline Schaumann discusses the works of Alexander von Humboldt, arguing that the explorer expressed acute awareness for environmental problems and colonialist abuses in his travel writings.
For the circuit judge vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Dennis Schaumann, the commission has nominated Associate Circuit Judges Nicole Colbert-Botchway and Scott Millikan; and Clinton Wright, an attorney at The Wright Law Firm.
Giant cells and granulomas or Schaumann bodies (which are markers of previous granulomas) are very helpful if found (Figures 3 and 4, B), but the reported proportion of cases with those features varies widely.
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In each of two studies that exposed volunteers to PM mixtures of similar concentration but different composition, exposure to a mixture high in metals with considerable OP such as zinc, copper, and iron produced significantly higher inflammatory responses (Ghio and Devlin 2001; Schaumann et al.
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