Richard, U.S. radiologist, 1901-1992. See: Schatzki ring.
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Theorising practice has led to the emergence of different practice theories with different foci; for example, Bourdieu (1990), Latour (2005), Ingold (2011), MacIntyre (1981) and Schatzki (2002/10).
Practice-based studies or practice theories, are gaining prominence in the international academic production since the movement called Practice Turn from the 2000s (Miettinen, Samra-Fredericks, & Yanow, 2009; Schatzki, 2001).
Such strictures can be mistaken for Schatzki rings (Figure 14), (28,31) though they tend to be more asymmetric and have a slightly greater height than true rings.
Schatzki T F and W F Haddon Rapid, non-destructive selection of peanuts for high aflatoxin content by soaking and tandem mass spectrometry.
Todd Schatzki, Analysis Group Vice President, and Dr.
As Lloyd notes, drawing on Schatzki (2002), "Being information literate in one context does not constitute being information literate in all contexts, as contexts embrace and entangle the phenomenon [of IL], providing it with its shape and character" (Lloyd, 2007b).
1169, 1181 (2000) (characterizing Justice Brennan's "apparent admission" that the statute was "unambiguous in Weber's favor," as requiring "the judicial Heimlich maneuver of the Holy Trinity move to dislodge text supposedly choking the spirit out of the statute" (internal citations omitted)); George Schatzki, United Steelworkers of America v.
Schatzki & Stavins, supra note 13, at 1 (noting that
s book is the artful marshaling of the "post-theological" criticisms of Nancy, Bulter, Michel Foucault, Theodore Schatzki, Pierre Bourdieu, Slavoj Zizek, et al.
Don't just give a yes/no answer to an offer," says negotiations coach Michael Schatzki.
Kirmizi cizgilenmeler, beyaz eksudalar, uzunlamasina makaslama, kirilganlik, krepon kagidi mukoza, kucuk capli ozofagus, Schatzki halkasi, kivrimlanmis veya halkalanmis ozofagus ve soliter halkalari iceren EO ile iliskili cok sayida endoskopik ozellik tanimlanmistir (23).