Franz, Austrian scientist, 1853-1920. See: Schardinger dextrins, Schardinger enzyme, Schardinger reaction.
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Franz Schardinger identified cyclodextrins in 1903 as products produced by the degradation of starch through the action of amylase enzyme cyclodextrin glycosyl transferase (CGTase) produced by the microorganism Bacillus macerans which may break a segment of the starch helix and join the end portions of the fragment in one cyclic molecule.
Berglandmilch GmbH is the largest milk-processing company in Austria, offering well-known brands such as Schardinger, Desserta and Fidus, and has a market leading 60% share of the cheese market.
When Schardinger identified the three naturally occurring forms - alpha, beta and gamma - they were called "Schardinger sugars.