Schanz, Alfred

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Alfred, German orthopedic surgeon, 1868-1931.
Schanz angulation osteotomy
Schanz brace
Schanz collar - a tube of material stuffed with cellulose and wound in 3 loops around the neck, forming a collar.
Schanz collar brace
Schanz femoral osteotomy
Schanz operation
Schanz osteotomy
Schanz pin
Schanz screw
Schanz syndrome - spinal muscle weakness, pain on pressure over the spinous processes, and a tendency to curvature of the spine.
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10,11) Using a Schanz screw inserted at the anteroinferior iliac spine and a spreader, the acetabular fragment is mobilized to allow spatial orientation.
The advantages of this were two-fold: first, the vascular supply from the superior gluteal artery to the supra-acetabular bone could be protected more efficiently, and second, the purchase of the Schanz screw, inserted into the anterior inferior iliac spine for manipulation of the acetabular fragment, was clearly increased.
16 - Intramedullary Nails (Rasha), Kirschner wires, grotto Schanz screws, cortical screws, ankle, and trays;