Schanz, Alfred

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Alfred, German orthopedic surgeon, 1868-1931.
Schanz angulation osteotomy
Schanz brace
Schanz collar - a tube of material stuffed with cellulose and wound in 3 loops around the neck, forming a collar.
Schanz collar brace
Schanz femoral osteotomy
Schanz operation
Schanz osteotomy
Schanz pin
Schanz screw
Schanz syndrome - spinal muscle weakness, pain on pressure over the spinous processes, and a tendency to curvature of the spine.
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The remarkable feature is the application of skeletal traction connecting anterior superior iliac spine through a Schanz pin and the distal end of long bone or calcaneus via its traction bow.
The threaded end of an intramedullary Schanz pin (alloy F138, Ortovet, Brazil) was dipped into the resultant paste of composite and bone marrow and then it was inserted into the medullary canal.
After painting and draping, traction was applied to reduce the fracture to optimum position; 3.5 mm Schanz pins were put in radius at musculotendinous junction after pre-drilling and by semi-open method to avoid entrapment of tendons in Schanz pin.
One K-wire were inserted in the same coronal / true lateral plane from the lateral cortex upwards and medially towards the humeral head upto the subchondral region of the humeral head, one more similar k wire could be placed just below it into the humeral head or a schanz pin below it into the shaft of humerus.
The pitch of locking screw is less compared to Schanz pins of external fixators and provides sturdy purchase in metaphyseal cancellous bones and in osteoporotic patients.