Jay F., U.S. dermatologist, 1870-1934. See: Schamberg fever.
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apart from passing nasogastric tubes to pre-op patients and administrating IV heparin to every patient with myocardial infarction was the preparation of the Schamberg cream to leg ulcers.
Among these figures was Morton Schamberg, an artist now regarded as a much larger figure than he was at the end of his short life in 1918.
Joan How of the Yale College of Medicine, Melanie Araujo of Sandbox Suites (San Francisco) and Michelle Schamberg of the Harvard School of Public Health were coauthors.
During the summer of 1912, plans for the show progressed as some American artists, such as the Philadelphia-based modernist Morton Schamberg, began to receive invitations to exhibit, which likely were in the form of a circular.
Stewart's list of the primary members of the Arensberg circle between 1914 and 1918: "dancer Isadora Duncan, European painters Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, Albert Gleizes, and Jean Crotti; American painters Arthur Dove, Marsden Hartley, Charles Sheeler, Man Ray, John Covert, Morton Schamberg, Charles Demuth and Joseph Stella; poets Alfred Kreymborg, William Carlos Williams, Wallace Stevens, Carl Van Vechten and Mina Loy; litterateurs Max Eastman, Arthur Craven and the Baroness Elsa von Freitag-Loringhoven; and intellectuals Martin Barzun, Ernest Southard, and Henri Roche," Patrick L.
The same band, playing at a event organized by the Brill Horticultural Society on 4 September 1856, 'discoursed sweet music to the company', which included 'Bonaparte's Grand March', 'The Lilly Waltze' [sic], 'England's Quadrilles', 'The Lancers Quadrilles', 'The Schamberg Galop', 'Circasian Polka', and 'The Sutherland Quadrilles'.
DROP IN & LEAGUE HIGH SCORES - Mike Henson 268, Jit Landrum 248, Aaron Ames 247, John Strong 236, Larry Lindberg 234, Jim Gay 232, Dick Schamberg 225, Casey Welch 224, Elmer Webb 219, Glenn Clark Jr.
Sheeler met fellow artist Morton Schamberg while in school in Philadelphia, and the two established a country home in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
The most advanced American artists in the group were John Covert, Morton Schamberg, Man Ray, Joseph Stella, and John Marin.
To further develop the CAP LDT proposal, the LDT Working Group members composed of Jeff Kant, MD, PhD, Jan Nowak, MD, PhD, Jay Schamberg, MD, Paul Valenstein, MD, and Gail H.