(shăl′ē), Andrew Victor Born 1926.
Polish-born American physiologist. He shared a 1977 Nobel Prize for discovering and synthesizing the hormones that control anterior pituitary hormone secretion.
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The participants included Philipp Meister, Adidas (D), Hugo-Maria Schally, EU Brussels (B), Celine Dolan, Indorama/Wellman (IR), Wilhelm Rauch, IVC (D), Robert van de Kerkhof, Lenzing (A) and Franz Josef Radermacher - University Ulm (D).
The commitment of UPM to transparently report on its environmental performance for over the last 20 years confirms the company's commitment to conducting an open dialogue with local stakeholders at its EMAS registered sites all over the world," says Hugo-Maria Schally, Head of Unit 'Sustainable Production, Products & Consumption' at DG Environment, European Commission.
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A su regreso a Mexico, en 1975, retomo su labor en el area de Neurocirugia en el Centro Medico, incorporandose al equipo del doctor David Gonzalez Barcena, endocrinologo que influenciado por el reciente Premio Nobel Andrew Schally, buscaba un neurocirujano que le ayudara a tratar tumores en el cerebro causando el menor dano posible en las partes sensibles de esta zona en los pacientes.
Andrew Schally, a medical research scientist at the Miami VA medical center, will receive the Outstanding Veterans Health Administration Employee Award for his remarkable 50-year career in research and development of new methods for treatment of veteran cancer patients.
Roger Guillemen's group tended to question and redo the experiments performed by the rival lab of Andrew Schally.
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Schally, from the University of Miami and VA Medical Center in Miami.