Max, German neurologist, 1852-1923. See: Schäffer reflex.


(Schäffer), Max, German neurologist, 1852-1923.
Schaeffer reflex - great toe dorsiflexion produced by pinching the Achilles tendon.
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The company used to maintain 41 different medical management teams, but has since centralized its physicians and nurses into four locations to address 20 specific conditions that Schaffer says are less common than those typically identified in DM programs, but which are medically significant enough to warrant intervention.
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Following on from the illuminating collection Women and British Aestheticism (Charlottesville and London: University Press of Virginia, 2000) which she edited with Kathy Alexis Psomiades, Talia Schaffer recovers a number of women writers, highly celebrated in their day, and considers their diverse contributions to aesthetic literature and culture.