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Edward A. Sharpey-, English physiologist and histologist, 1850-1935. See: Schäfer method.
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As a child, Schafer used to make regular summer visits to Brooklin from his house in rural New Jersey, to visit his aunt and uncle.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 3, 2017-HBM Holdings acquires Schafer Industries
1 August 2017 - US-based investment and management company HBM Holdings has acquired US-based gears and machined parts maker Schafer Industries, the company said on Tuesday.
In developing these themes, Schafer offers a deeply researched biography of a truly exceptional but complex man whose life both reflected and helped to redefine the changing Atlantic worlds that he occupied.
Scott Schafer only had a short window during TCA to photograph our mind-bending cover.
Klaus Schafer as the new head of development at Oerlikon Manmade Fibers segment.
Thilo Schafer (49) will take the reins as Managing Director of Leisure Cargo the airline specialist for total cargo management on 1 March 2016.
The men who find Schafer are among the most broken, the ones who have hit bottom and can't sink any lower.
To furnish such a structure with a sound track could be seen as self-defeating, at least from the perspective of medium specificity--that critical tenet of modernism, a period that remains a central point of contention here--yet David Schafer has been carrying off this problematic conflation for the past two decades.
But according to medical ethicist Arthur Schafer, it's a victory that was won at a high cost.
The Schafer-Friesen Research Fellowship was established through a generous gift of Geraldine Schafer Friesen and Dr.
Wilfried Schafer, Executive Director of the sectoral organisation VDW (German Machine Tool Builders' Association) in Frankfurt am Main.