Scatchard plot

Scat·chard plot

1. a graphic representation used in the analysis of binding phenomena in which the concentration of bound ligand divided by the concentration of free ligand is plotted against the concentration of bound ligand;
2. similar to (1), except the concentration of the bound ligand is on the vertical axis.
[George Scatchard]
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George, U.S. chemist and biochemist, 1892-1973.
Scatchard plot - a graphical representation used in the analysis of binding phenomena.
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Results obtained are interpreted by the Scatchard plot (Figure 5 and 6).
Curve [c.sub.Thulium(III)-arsenazo III] NaCl (mol/L) /[c.sub.DNA] a 0.00 0.00 0.05 b 0.20 0.00 0.05 c 0.40 0.00 0.05 d 0.60 0.00 0.05 Curve Scatchard plot values a r/c = 1.99 x [10.sup.4] - 1.05 x [10.sup.7]r r/c = 4.23 x [10.sup.4] - 1.28 x [10.sup.7]r b r/c = 2.35 x [10.sup.3] - 8.63 x [10.sup.6]r r/c = 1.24 x [10.sup.4] - 8.58 x [10.sup.6]r c r/c = 2.61 x [10.sup.4] - 6.01 x [10.sup.6]r r/c = 9.14 x [10.sup.3] - 9.93 x [10.sup.6]r d r/c = 2.85 x [10.sup.4] - 5.62 x [10.sup.6]r r/c = 1.74 x [10.sup.4] - 1.04 x [10.sup.7]r Curve K (L/mol) n a 1.05 x [10.sup.7] 0.00169 1.28 x [10.sup.7] 0.00207 b 8.63 x [10.sup.6] 0.00027 8.58 x [10.sup.6] 0.00122 c 6.01 x [10.sup.6] 0.00404 9.93 x [10.sup.6] 0.00082 d 5.62 x [10.sup.6] 0.00420 1.04 x [110.sup.7] 0.00149
If these sites are equivalent and independent, relevant experimental data may be analysed toward the thermodynamic binding constant and the number of binding sites in terms of a linear Scatchard plot [19].
The data were evaluated in the form of a Scatchard plot, to determine the affinity and binding capacity of the imprinted polymer, expressed by affinity constants (K) and apparent maximum number ([B.sub.max]) of the imprinted polymer sites.
The values of 1/[] and [F.sub.max] can be obtained from the slope and the x-intercept of the Scatchard plot, respectively.
The resulting Scatchard plot indicated that albumin had 1 high-affinity site and perhaps 2 or more weaker sites (2).
I: The 'logit-log' method and Scatchard plot. Washington: National Technical Information Service, U.S.
The unchanged structure-activity relations of peptide binding suggest that the detergent did not adversely affect the ligand binding site, but the curvilinear Scatchard plot does indicate some heterogeneity.
[alpha]] of 5 X [10.sup.9] L/mol, derived from the Scatchard plot analysis (26).
Scatchard plot analysis [14] of the purified antiserum exposed a homogeneous antibody population.
The Scatchard plots in the absence and the presence of sodium chloride are shown in Figures 11 and 12, and the data of n and K are listed in Table 5.
For higher affinity sites, linear equation is qe/Ce=-0.0159qe+0.2323 (R2= 0.9728), and the values of Kd and qmax, calculated from the slope and intercept of Scatchard plots, are 62.893mg/L and 14.610 mg/g, respectively.