George, U.S. chemist and biochemist, 1892-1973. See: Scatchard plot.
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Participating companies include Subaru (2015 Champion), Panera Bread, Wells Fargo, Kennedy Health, Grayhair Software, BB & T, Capehart Scatchard, and The Soulfull Project.
In order to further estimate the binding properties of the SMIP, the experimental data of adsorption isotherm were analyzed by Scatchard equation, which was expressed as [30]:
The obtained sclareol MIPs were analyzed in the mentioned work [1] by rheology, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), elemental analysis, attenuated total reflectance infrared spectroscopy (ATR FTIR), size exclusion chromatography (HPLC-SEC), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), and Scatchard analysis in order to prove the molecular imprinting and to determine the imprinting parameters, meaning the imprinting factor (IF) and the yield of imprinting (YI).
Los datos que se utilizaran para aplicar esta metodologia son los datos del sistema binario etanol (1)--cloroformo (2) a 55 [grados]C, publicados por Scatchard y Raymond en 1938 [14, 15] y que se presentan en el Cuadro 1.
Reader Joyce Scatchard of Harrogate tells me she was bitten by a huge orange spider that leap out of herhedge.
Otridge, Scatchard & Whitaker, Ogilvy & Speare, Darton & Harvey & W.
For such studies, past strategies have utilized Scatchard binding analysis (labor-intensive, specialized, and requiring radioisotopes).
Rosenthal transformations were performed on radioligand binding data and plotted as Scatchard plots for illustration purposes only [23,25,26].
Scatchard analysis of the binding revealed that the maximum number of binding sites was lower in the aged, while the binding affinity for ouabain receptor remained unchanged.