George, U.S. chemist and biochemist, 1892-1973. See: Scatchard plot.
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This report analyzed the binding parameter of the ODEX-BSA complex and respectively used the Lineweaver-Burk double reciprocal equation, double logarithmic equation, and Scatchard equation to process the above system.
|Bradley Jordan Scatchard, 24, of Moorside Avenue, Dewsbury.
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Measurement of ultrasonic velocity at varying composition of BSA and compounds at pH 3, 4 and 5 gives the value of association constant ([K.sub.f]) which is calculated from Scatchard graph.
The Stern-Volmer quenching constant ([]) and Scatchard analysis were accomplished using corrected fluorescence data taking into account the effect of dilution.
The Scatchard plots in the absence and the presence of sodium chloride are shown in Figures 11 and 12, and the data of n and K are listed in Table 5.
The binding constant [K.sub.b] could be calculated by the Scatchard equation [22] as follows:
[42, 43] In order to testify if there was electrostatic binding between the Tm(III)-ASA complex and DNA, the researcher used 0.05mol/L NaCl in the Scatchard studies.
Samuel Johnson, with his Life, as well as the earlier books by Blagdon and Prevost.) Crosby's company appeared on the title page along with Suttaby and the firm of Scatchard and Crosby's former partner Letterman.
In vitro data further demonstrated a high expression of O-acetyl-GD2 at the tumor cell surface by Scatchard analysis, with an average of sites/cell ranging from 50,000 sites/cell up to 5 x [10.sup.6] sites/cell [39].
Participating companies include Subaru (2015 Champion), Panera Bread, Wells Fargo, Kennedy Health, Grayhair Software, BB & T, Capehart Scatchard, and The Soulfull Project.