Friedrich W., German obstetrician, 1821-1891. See: Scanzoni maneuver.
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Parental gender role attitudes were measured using 12 items of Traditional Sex Role Attitudes Scale developed by Scanzoni (1975) and the Social Role Questionnaire (Baber and Tucker, 2006).
Scanzoni, "Perceptions of parenting behavior and young women's gender role traits and preferences," Sex Roles, vol.
"The broader events have far outlived their usefulness and don't really draw the real decision makers because they provide little relevant information, take up too much time and don't provide an environment for substantive discussion," said Rino Scanzoni, chief investment officer, GroupM.
Because Southern Baptist women lacked their own Rosemary Radford Reuther or Letha Scanzoni, the prevailing assumption was that their "consciousness-raising" around women in ministry lacked historical significance.
"The time has come for the TV industry to be represented holistically with the power of the content superseding the differences in distribution," said Rino Scanzoni, Chief Investment Officer for media buyer Group M.
Trends have not improved, says Rino Scanzoni, chief investment officer of GroupM, the WPP-owned media-buying firm that plays a large role in the annual television-ad haggle.
According to these views, then, the exchange of (positive) information would determine the experience of attraction and the initiation of a new relationship (Kerckhoff & Davis, 1962; Knapp, 1984; Lewis, 1972; Reiss, 1960; Scanzoni, 1979).
Ethnic Minority style is less often considered in the literature, and is considered a sub-set of Authoritarian parenting, but reached the public arena through Chua's memoir (Baumrind, 1971; Baumrind, 1987; Chau, 2001; Chua, 2011, Fuligni & Tseng, 1999; Giarrusso, Du, Silverstein, & Bengtson, 2001; Heath, 2012; Hsai & Scanzoni, 1996; McLoyd & Smith, 2002; Shek & Chen, 1999).
The variable job status, which relates to the prestige and power associated with a job, has been found to influence job satisfaction (Millan et al.) and wages (Scanzoni, 1979; Suter & Miller, 1973).
It may also lead some to turn to theology that reflects that of the mainstream GLBT community (e.g., Myers & Scanzoni, 2005), as such theology seems to be a better "fit" with the broader ethos of secular psychology and may be the result of a more perspectival approach to GLBT issues in which theology and psychology are less in a dialogue and are more two different perspectives on the same topic.