Scalp Reduction

Excision of portions of bald skin of the head before grafting, in hair restoration in male pattern baldness
Complications Stretchback, infection, oedema, numbness, hair loss, decreased density of donor region, slot formation
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Delray Beach Hair Transplant Center offers virtual consultations for FUE Hair Transplants (Follicular Unit Extraction), Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUT), Hair Restoration for Bald Men / Bald Spots, Hairline Advancement Surgery, Scalp Reduction Surgery, and nonsurgical hair restoration via Medical Micro-Needling & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy.
Various types of treatments including pills (finasteride), lotions (minoxidil), steroids (corticosteroid injections), ointments (topical corticosteroids), immunotherapy, ultraviolet light therapy, hair loss surgery (hair transplant, scalp reduction, artificial hair implantation) are some of the common methods available to treat hair loss.
Other treatments for hair loss include wigs, hair transplants and plastic surgery such as scalp reduction.
Jones, 62, admits to a catalogue of cosmetic operations including having his teeth capped, his nose chiselled, fat removed from his chin and a scalp reduction to push back the tide of baldness.
Sawaya and her colleagues compared sebaceous glands in scalp samples removed from 12 balding men (aged 25 to 39) during hair transplant or scalp reduction surgery with 12 samples removed from nonbald men (aged 30 to 47) soon after death.
Scalp reduction and flap surgery: Scalp reduction is the surgical removal of scalp skin without hair.
Other treatments for hair loss include scalp reduction, flap surgery, as well as topical and oral medications.
However, scalp reduction - where the bald area is removed and the bit with hair on is stretched forward - is another possibility.
The Nu/Hart concept involves combining split, mini and micro hair transplant and scalp reduction clinic and salon services including liquid skin optic hair system and volumizers, hair cuts, color and body waves for men and women; plus daily conveniences to meet the needs of busy executives, workers and homemakers.
Prior surgeries included multiple scalp reductions and strip and punch hair transplants, with the creation of unnatural plugs in the frontal scalp and hairline.
I refer to scalp reductions (whatever they are) and transposition flaps (another puzzler, but I'd suggest you not try it at home).