Scalp Reduction

Excision of portions of bald skin of the head before grafting, in hair restoration in male pattern baldness
Complications Stretchback, infection, oedema, numbness, hair loss, decreased density of donor region, slot formation
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A scalp reduction is then performed by undermining the posterior incision in the subgaleal plane and advancing the scalp flap anteriorly to lower the hairline.
Being personally affected by hair loss, Gomez has undergone a variety of treatments, including hair transplants, scalp reduction, massage and topical solutions that have enabled him to preserve most of his hair thirty-five years after first experiencing hair loss.
Outlets have speculated whether Trump's tresses were fake or if Trump underwent surgery (Vanity Fair ( speculated that Trump's hairline, as pictured in 1991, could have been the result of an alleged "scalp reduction surgery" that he reportedly underwent in 1989).
Similarly pre-expanded scalp flaps (scalp reduction) have also been mentioned in the literature.
Jones, 62, admits to a catalogue of cosmetic operations including having his teeth capped, his nose chiselled, fat removed from his chin and a scalp reduction to push back the tide of baldness.
Cosmetic rejuvenative surgery - Aesthetic procedures to enhance the appearance of the skin, e.g., facial resurfacing, scalp reduction for hair loss, rhytidectomy etc.
Sawaya and her colleagues compared sebaceous glands in scalp samples removed from 12 balding men (aged 25 to 39) during hair transplant or scalp reduction surgery with 12 samples removed from nonbald men (aged 30 to 47) soon after death.
Various types of treatments including pills (finasteride), lotions (minoxidil), steroids (corticosteroid injections), ointments (topical corticosteroids), immunotherapy, ultraviolet light therapy, hair loss surgery (hair transplant, scalp reduction, artificial hair implantation) are some of the common methods available to treat hair loss.
Other treatments for hair loss include wigs, hair transplants and plastic surgery such as scalp reduction.
Scalp reduction offers a special benefit to patients with extensive balding.
However, scalp reduction - where the bald area is removed and the bit with hair on is stretched forward - is another possibility.
I refer to scalp reductions (whatever they are) and transposition flaps (another puzzler, but I'd suggest you not try it at home).