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A regional term for Federal agents of the DEA—Drug Enforcement Administration
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I can say Uncle Bryn is in it a lot, I think he has more to do than he has in previous series," he adds, referring to his gadget-loving, easily pleased character, uncle of the eponymous Stacey.
Here he examines the key political, diplomatic, and military processes that shaped the NATO's crisis management, and how it utilized airpower as its key instrument of strategy to coerce the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to say uncle.
In Say Uncle, Peter Paige-known to millions as the wildly out Emmett Honeycutt--debuts as a feature film writer-director while playing a decidedly different sort of gay man.
Paul Peter Paige Maggie Kathy Najimy Elise Gabrielle Union Russell Anthony Clark Sarah Lisa Edelstein Berman Jim Ortleib Susan Melanie Lynskey The politics of homophobia and child molestation receive a badly misjudged tweaking in "Queer as Folk" star Peter Paige's writing-directing debut, "Say Uncle." With ideological and dramatic intentions neatly and somewhat satirically in place, pic contrives circumstances in which an impossibly naive young man's innocent love for kids is misconstrued by fearful, protective moms, making him the target of a grassroots witch-hunt.