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Saxon, Saxony

popular strain of Australian merino fine or superfine woolled sheep.
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BUFFS have three weeks left to see a rare Saxon sword on display at Dudley Museum and Art Gallery.
In modern times the ethnic pole began to overshadow the religious pole as prospects dimmed for the survival of the Saxons as an ethnic minority, most recently in hostile Romania.
Canada, in their first Churchill Cup final, hit back as Matt Evans and Chauncey O'Toole touched down, but two more Myler penalties ensured the Saxons led 23-13 at half-time.
Despite one victory at Ashdown (in 871), the Saxons only gained a short respite from further inroads into Wessex while the Danes held on to East Anglia, Mercia, and Northumbria.
The 'serpentine line' favoured by the Anglo Saxons also found expression in 18th century gardens as it did in the paintings of Hogarth and Blake.
The Anglo-Saxons in the nineteenth century novel' by Andrew Sanders; `The charge of the Saxon brigade: Tennyson's Battle of Brunanburh' by Edward B.
ENGLAND SAXONS 38 CANADA 18 ENGLAND Saxons claimed a fifth Churchill Cup title by beating Canada in some style at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey.
RUGBY UNION: Danny Cipriani will start from the bench when England Saxons take on the United States in their final Churchill Cup Pool B match tomorrow.
CALGARY, Alberta, March 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Saxon Energy Services Inc.
Saxon will also provide technical drilling contracting support to existing Schlumberger joint ventures and operations in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iraq, and Venezuela (Lake Maracaibo).
MIDDLETON St George Under-16s encounter with Hartlepool Saxon was a good game between two evenly matched teams.
NEW YORK -- Saxon Security and its partner LCOA Defense have been named suppliers to the St.