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Saxon, Saxony

popular strain of Australian merino fine or superfine woolled sheep.
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The cup went round amid the well-dissembled applause of the courtiers, which, however, failed to make the impression on the mind of the Saxon that had been designed.
having done justice to our Saxon guests, we will pray of them some requital to our courtesy.
The Saxon replied not to this politic insinuation, but, rising up, and filling his cup to the brim, be addressed Prince John in these words:
Those who wish to know further of our rude Saxon manners must henceforth seek us in the homes of our fathers, since we have seen enough of royal banquets, and enough of Norman courtesy.
So saying, he arose and left the banqueting room, followed by Athelstane, and by several other guests, who, partaking of the Saxon lineage, held themselves insulted by the sarcasms of Prince John and his courtiers.
By the bones of St Thomas,'' said Prince John, as they retreated, ``the Saxon churls have borne off the best of the day, and have retreated with triumph
This, then, is the result of your advice,'' said the Prince, turning an angry countenance upon Fitzurse; ``that I should be bearded at my own board by a drunken Saxon churl, and that, on the mere sound of my brother's name, men should fall off from me as if I had the leprosy?
Flierman explores what was written about the continental Saxons from the first reference to them during the second century AD until Saxony's integration into the Carolingian Empire seven centuries later.
Though the Saxons were mentioned as early as AD 150, they left no written evidence of their own before c.
LOWER KEY STAGE 2 were learning about The Anglo Saxons as their topic, so they went to Bedes World to experience life as an Anglo Saxon in Northumbria.
The sword, lent by a private collector, is the only genuine Saxon sword in the Saxons and Vikings exhibition at the museum.
The distant ancestors of the Saxons had begun to emigrate from western Germany in the twelfth century and numbered some 240,000 souls by the Nazi era.