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Saxon, Saxony

popular strain of Australian merino fine or superfine woolled sheep.
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Such external perspectives do not yield objective descriptions of a people, but rather reflect an ongoing discourse on Saxon identity, in which outside authors described who they imagined, wanted or feared the Saxons to be: dangerous pirates, noble savages, bestial pagans or faithful subjects.
Dressing up as Anglo Saxons, telling riddles in the theatre and acting out the famous Saxon story Beowolf was a highlight of the day.
Weapons from that period are incredibly rare as iron and steel objects dating back to Saxon times are usually very fragile.
It was a very emotional journey - when Saxon was born he could fit into the palm of my hand, he was about the size of a slice of bread.
After the Reformation, German ethnicity and Protestantism provided the two dimensions of Saxon identity that characterized the Lutheran church as a "folk church" (Volkskirche).
WHAT A FIND: One of the Saxon treasures held by Dr Steve Sherlock
This final volume in the series presents specialist reports and illustrations on the Saxon and later finds and on environmental remains recovered during archaeological investigations in the Ebbsfleet valley, near Gravesend, Kent, in conjunction with engineering for the section of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link now known as High Speed 1.
Now it has been revealed that Saxon has started a new role with a security firm in the west of England today.
Saxon adds a premier servicing operation with a scalable U.
in a royal Saxon residence near the modern town of Wantage in Oxfordshire, the youngest of five surviving children of remarkably pious parents, King Ethelwulf and his Jutish Queen, Osburh.
The company, which produces math books based on continued practice and incremental development, was founded by John Saxon, a decorated combat veteran with a strong vision that didn't involve catering to anybody's requirements except his own.
Harcourt said that Saxon Math is the nation's best selling skills-based mathematics program for grades K-12.