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Saxon, Saxony

popular strain of Australian merino fine or superfine woolled sheep.
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However, because the study did not reveal any correlation between the expression of empathy and the amount of brain activity, more study is needed before MRI can be used as a reliable measure of empathy levels, Saxe said.
Now living in the San Diego area, Saxe will stop at the Hult Center today for a Leap Day show during the first leg of her American tour.
Gareth Saxe fills his time polishing cookware and shoes under the watchful eye of prison doctor Joan McMurtrey in ``iWitness.
Sales and Saxe demonstrate the diversity and richness of nearly two hundred Jewish camps, most of which exemplify their "Jewishness" in different practices, traditions, and philosophies.
Saxe, who is director of the Center for Medical and Refugee Trauma Treatment Development at the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, a coalition of 37 academic and community-based child stress treatment programs.
The Yard has issued arrest warrants for alleged gang leaders Clifford Saxe, 73, John Mason, 67, and Ronald Everett, 68, over the pounds 6million Security Express robbery in London's East End in April 1983.
Miller, Ruben Ortiz-Torres; Lam Pittman, Stephen Prina, Alison Saar, and Adrian Saxe.
Saxe found that the statute defined a "non-occupying owner" as "the owner of a unit in a condominium who does not reside in the unit, when the unit is occupied by a non-purchasing tenant".
Saxe is a strong addition to our distinguished Board of Directors," stated Dr.
Saxe, managing director and senior wealth strategist for Atlantic Trust.
The reason was Saxe Coburg's resignation from the party leadership after the NMSP's devastating defeat at the July 2009 national parliamentary elections, which left the party with no MPs after two consecutive eight-year terms served in the executive branch of power
Saxe, of Grafton, for the first time in the party's history find themselves in the position of being potential tiebreakers.