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Gynecology A contraceptive vaginal gel that ↓ transmission of STDs–eg, HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea. See Contraceptive.
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Ritzy colours like Chilli Red, Passion Blue and Apple Green enhance the appeal while every Savvy comes with alloy wheels, chrome centre exhaust, remote central locking, power steering, remote central locking, alarm and immobiliser.
Skin Savvy is a day spa that offers a variety of services, such as facials, manicures and pedicures, massages, and hair removal for men and women.
Anyone can attend a Scam Savvy session by contacting their local BNZ branch or visiting malls in the main centres between 9am - 5pm over the course of the week.
2.Don't be afraid to ask each other for help: especially if one of you is more cyber savvy then the other.
Muddasssar, Printing, Savvy School said that their school system was providing quality education to students and they were competing at national and international level.
Valassis said adding NJ Savvy will enhance its existing position in the central New Jersey market and help more small-and-medium-size businesses extend print and digital savings opportunities to consumers.
Every year, Savvy Ladies serves hundreds of women through its events, webinars, financial helpline and other programs.
"Being able to work with Savvy Shields this year is an incredible opportunity for us, especially given what the Miss America Organization represents and the inspiration they, along with Savvy, provide to women each and every day."
MH: In The Savvy Music Teacher introduction you refer to three crucial characters that play a vital role throughout the book.
The show is called An Evening with Savvy B and it's the creation of North East theatremakers Hannah Walker and Rosa Postlethwaite.