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Abbreviation for:
Secretary of State 
seek optimum skills
significant others scale
snore outcomes survey
stent or surgery
sudden onset of sleep
surgery on site


Segmented orthopedic system Orthopedics A modular proximal and distal femur implant system indicated for limb salvage in Pts with bone loss due to CA, trauma or failed implants


[L.] si opus sit (if necessary); a pharmaceutical directive in a prescription.
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The Save Our Ship (SOS) campaign is launched to lobby the council and Assembly to save the ship now dubbed ``The Welsh Mary Rose.
The Save Our Ship campaign is taking a petition to Newport council's chief executive on Monday and will also be holding a candle-light vigil on Wednesday night to highlight their cause.
Local businessman Charles Ferris, spokesman for the Save Our Ship campaign, said that in 11 days bulldozers could start work and they would reduce the find to matchwood.