Sausage Finger

Dermatology A sign consisting of fusiform soft-tissue swelling of usually a single digit, fancifully likened to a cocktail sausage, and classically associated with the single-ray pattern of involvement in psoriatic arthritis. It may rarely be the first sign of psoriasis
Rheumatology A generic term used by rheumatologists to describe diffuse swelling of the digit, as may occur in proliferative tenosynovitis caused by an atypical mycobacterium, Mycobacterium terrae
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and Lord Sugar fires one of them, but not before waggling his massive sausage finger right under their nose.
Telltale symptoms that warrant referral to a rheumatologist include pitting and discoloration of the nails, swollen finger joints, sausage finger or toe (dactylitis), and swollen heel at the Achilles tendon.
I expect the council will put pressure on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority not to provide bus service to the Valley for the Democratic delegates who have tired of the Hooters in the Hood party at the Playboy Mansion and who have gorged themselves silly on the duck sausage finger pizzas at Spago's.
The guy with the sausage finger has a 3-inch K-frame .
She returned with a burly, bearded Bavarian who pointed a threatening, sausage finger in my direction and bellowed: "You go now, please.
So I was rather disappointed to find that PS7 only bought me a tiny cigar butt of ballotine, like a tiny sausage finger, topped with a spoonful of pear chutney.
he feels the weight of the different materials in his little sausage fingers and examines the physical integrity.
Franny Norton rides Tom Dascombe's Cheshire raider, Sausage Fingers, but the likely favourite hasn't exactly sizzled in his four runs so far.
It wasn't great with my sausage fingers, resulting in far more typos than usual
If you have a big hand with sausage fingers, there'll be barely room for your middle finger to wrap around the grip.
But can you imagine wearing something big enough that your sausage fingers could actually type on?