Orthopedics A flattened, disciform defect that parallels the shaft of long bones, which may be seen on a plain film, punctuated by microcalcifications; saucerised bone defects are typical of fibrosarcoma of bone
Surgery Saucerisation biopsy
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METHODS: Various options available were Curettage, saucerisation, resection, radiotherapy, cryotherapy.
Infected non-union should be handled in the normal way with thorough debridement, either closed suction irrigation or wide saucerisation, bone wafting and then stimulation.
Later saucerisation was done with a round bur to remove the defect.
Saucerisation with drainage was the most common fate of residual cavity after partial pericystectomy, performed in 56.3% cases, followed by suturing with closure of cavity (after filling with saline), performed in 15.4% cases.
Partial pericystectomy, enucleation of hydatid cyst, saucerisation and drainage was most commonly performed procedure.
(3,13) The common treatment in this study was a combination of saucerisation, sequestrectomy and curettage.
Saucerisation, sequestrectomy and curettage were the cornerstones of surgical therapy.
(1-7) Surgical options range from simple saucerisation, sequestrectomy and curettage with primary or secondary wound closure, (1) to radical bone debridement with bone grafting and/or muscle flap cover.