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satva (sätˑ·w),

n in Ayurvedic philosophy, the essence; one of the three attributes of prakriti; the inactive, creative potential in the universe, represented by Brahma.
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The SATVA pilot tagged the entire CDA coming from the Part 2 facility with an "R" because all information coming from dedicated Part 2 facility was to be treated as Part 2 information by the receiving entity.
I'm honored to be chosen as chair at a key time for this industry as SATVA members play an increasing role in helping health and human services organizations deliver consumer-centric, consumer-directed care," said Scalia.
The Summit Planning Group composed of officials from SAMHSA and SATVA will meet later this month to review and prioritize recommendations from the Summit workgroups, identify existing policy-making and standard-setting committees that can advance many of the recommendations, and examine approaches for recommendations that would otherwise not be addressed within existing committees.
Working through SATVA, the two organizations developed common consent and authorizations of disclosure formats which they, on behalf of SATVA, have offered to share publicly as a standard for industry adoption.
We are very excited to work with Satva Leung and Shaun Palmer and to launch the MicroVanity sites," says Mark Horton, Chief Operating Officer of Fusion.
com pro rider team including Ali Goulet, Jeremy Jones, Jason "J2" Ramus, Dean "Blotto" Gray, Tim Manning and Satva Leung to name a few.
At present, SATVA has demonstrated the operation of this consent directive to officials at SAMHSA who have given it favorable consideration.
JT the Bigga Figga, Duane Peters and The Hunns, DJ Satva, DJ Muska Beatz, and The Suicide Girls held it down.
For help with issues beyond certification and interoperability, SATVA is looking to HRSA for help and advice.
Who knows if Satva still rides for Ezekiel, but he has been given his own company at Imperial.
and SATVA vice chairman, the conference agenda included demonstration of an interoperable Continuity of Care Document (CCD) prototype between two different EHR platforms; an exploration of the adequacy of existing CCD designs and templates for use by behavioral healthcare; and an evaluation of business and medical case scenarios under which different elements of CCD information might eventually be exchanged with primary care, emergency, surgical, or other medical providers.
If your organization is going to build a custom software program, then open source may make sense because it offers a framework that you can build upon, noted Kevin Scalia, executive vice president of corporate development at Netsmart Technologies in Great River, New York, and a past SATVA chair.