saturated color

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sat·u·rat·ed col·or

a color containing a minimum amount of whiteness.
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sat·u·rat·ed color

(sach'ŭr-āt'ĕd kŏl'ŏr)
A color containing a minimum amount of whiteness.
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The new trend is all about true tones and overly saturated color.
Minimalist interface, solid blocks of saturated color, creative typography, strong lines, no shadows, and few or no gradients characterize flat design.
Lomo Life: The Future is Analog discusses the phenomenon of Lomography: which began with a camera company that offered over a hundred modestly priced models from a small Russian camera that featured shadowing, light leaks, and saturated color results.
The exhibition, opening Thursday at the Paco Imperial Cultural Center in downtown Rio, brings together more than five dozen paintings, silk screens and collages covered in Milhazes' signature riot of saturated color, concentric circles, upbeat flowers and meandering arabesques.
Dany Sanz, creator and artistic director of the brand, says she has long been interested in saturated color and creating high pigmentation on images.
Dark, flat, and in surrealistically saturated color, they are almost exclusively rural and small-town Siberian interiors, in which barrenness coexists with high-contrast visual riot, and in which the inhabitants are simultaneously fragmentary and perfectly at home.
Although many items factor into daily expenses for any print operation, reduced ink consumption in today's tight economy adds up to a notable plus that goes directly to the bottom line, "The higher quality output provided by Luce inks' wider color gamut with more vivid, saturated color is sure to please all parties involved."
Prep classics are given a modern twist and sport styles showcase a kaleidoscope of saturated color combinations.
Smaller than their peers, they punctuate the space with intense bursts of saturated color and off-hand remarks.
If it is more of a clubby lounge environment the usage of darker, saturated color is needed.
It was pure 1960s elegance, with a splash of saturated color. When, at the end of the show, all the models appeared together for a final lap, the round mirrored catwalk looked like a color-wheel.
The Presidential suite at the Shangri-la Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi was described as, "An up to the moment spin on traditional Arab design elements complete with touchable fabrics in deep, saturated color creates a sense of welcoming formality".