sattwa (sätˑ·tw),

n in Ayurveda, the primordial quality (guna) of matter responsible for creation and creativity. Rasayanas, both herbal and behavioral, promote this quality. Also called
sattva. See also rasayanas.
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This prakriti (basic nature) has three constituents, namely Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas.
Sattwa is enlightenment, which is beyond the sixth stage of moral development where the focus is on universal ethical principles orientation.
To begin with, Sattwa Guna had negative influence on attitude towards both piracy and privacy, even though piracy is done purely for self interest, indicating that people high on this Guna are likely to have self regulatory mechanism to prevent both piracy and privacy intrusion.
From the makers, Sattwa Chai, Touraco Tea is a new line of fruit-infused ice teas.
David Fields, co-founder of Oregon's Sattwa Chai, is a strong proponent of traditional masala chai.
Sattwa Chai sells a traditional black tea chai concentrate which is mixed in equal parts with milk and can be served hot or over ice.
It's kind of sad, in a way," mused David Fields of Sattwa Chai in Newberg, Oregon, "Chai has been hyped so much, yet most Americans aren't getting a quality chai experience.
In fact, David Fields of Sattwa Chai has persisted in manufacturing their dry leaf product if for no other reason than to fulfill his own personal drinking habit.
Sattwa Chai is launching a new 7:1 concentrate that Fields insists "can go head-to-head with our fresh brewed for taste," and which saves operators on shipping costs.
Sattwa Chai has six owners, all of whom live on a communal farm in Newburg, Oregon, near Portland.
Sattwa Chai's products come in packages of dry herb and spice mixes.
Some people prefer concentrates for their ease of use, but Juanita Crampton of Sattwa Chai points out, "It takes no longer than making a mocha" She's right, of course, but also realizes that people like concentrates because they're even one step easier.