Hubert, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1844-1928. See: Sattler elastic layer, Sattler veil.
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Release date- 09082019 - Today the Council appointed Johann Sattler as EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Council of the European Union appointed Johann Sattler as EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina today.
Wendy Sue Sattler & Richard Charles Glisson were married.
Charmingly written and illustrated by Jennifer Sattler, "Bully" is wonderfully entertaining with its underlying message for children ages 5-7 that standing up together can make all the difference in the world!
Ryan Sattler, leader of the Catholic reformist group Call to Action Maryland, said it's time for Baltimore's archdiocese and others across the country "to be totally and painfully honest" about the crisis over priests sexually abusing parishioners especially the youngest and most vulnerable members.
Joan Sattler, of Dingle Hill, Colwyn Bay, who has died suddenly was a former headmistress of Conway Road Infants School and later became chairwoman of governors of the new Ysgol Pendorlan.
I've had good feedback from the neighbors within a -mile radius, said Ricki Sattler, manager of the Skyline Park and Event Center, near Kuna.
Sattler (University of Texas at Austin) and Arya Ansari (University of Virginia) examined data from 12,112 children who participated in the nationally representative Early Childhood Longitudinal Study.
The aquarium president announced Monday that the decision to euthanize the pre-historic Australian lungfish for humane reasons arose when he started to show signs of "shutting down," aquarium collections manager Michelle Sattler told the ( Chicago Tribune . 
For example, in the whitewater rafting industry, "serious accidents resulting in death usually include a client coming out of the raft and being caught in a foot entrapment between submerged rocks," said Jim Sattler, president of Cbiz Sattler Insurance.
"Other systems work using a measuring grid of infra-red light," explains Torsten Sattler, another postdoc in Pollefeys' group who is also participating in the project.
Katie Sands and Tony Sattler have been promoted to VP/account director and VP/interactive strategy manager, respectively, at Swanson Russell's Lincoln office.