Satellite Point

A type of trigger point which is a secondary site for muscle pain, often located near the site of the original pain. Satellite points can stimulate matrix points
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The townhouse ground floor contains a further bedroom/study complete with TV aerial and satellite point ( ideal for a teenager who wants their own space.
The satellite point of presence is a key technology for mobile users, who cannot rely on terrestrial communications.
STM Wireless also introduced the SMR 2000, a radio local area network for wireless connection of remote terminals to a satellite point of presence.
They want satellite points of access, and they want a continuity of care.
Each resident will be able to enjoy a large comfortable single room with en-suite facilities including showers, telephone and satellite points.
China's successful test against a satellite points up the vulnerability of the U.
There are the usual quality finishes now expected in the city marketplace: ceramic floor tiling, integrated appliances and multiple TV and satellite points plus chrome switches.
Homes will feature TV and satellite points and fully fitted kitchens.
Upstairs there's a luxury bathroom with chrome fittings, a master bedroom with TV and satellite points -perfect for an early night -and one further bedroom.
It would be used in the most environmentally sensitive areas and would be switched automatically by satellite points along the route.
He couldn't hold a multi-point conference because only one satellite points to these locations.
Open a wall cupboard in the kitchen and there are the electrical and satellite points for your home entertainment, discreetly hidden away.

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