Satellite Body

A discrete mass of chromatin attached to the short arm of an acrocentric chromosome, which is not present in the Y chromosome
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Avariant--"different lay-up, slightly different resin system"--also forms the basis of its AstroHinge system, to enable the deployment of a succession of large panels out from a satellite body.
In this case the positive ions are being gathered by the tether and electrons are being absorbed by the satellite body that is connected to the main ground connections of the satellite.
It has been estimated that in the plasma conditions of the orbital altitude the rate at which the satellite body is able to attract electrons from the local plasma environment would be sufficient to compensate for the rate at which the tether attracts positive ions.
Number of Malfunctions by Commercial GEO Satellite Body Type (1995 to April 2002)
The chart shows the number of malfunctions that occur in different commercial GEO satellite body types, such as the Spacebus or BS702 models.
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