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Ethnomedicine A ‘spirit’ or ‘devil’ that may afflict Ethiopians, which is said to speak through its host’s mouth and cause him/her to behave unusually
Vox populi Beelzebub, The Devil, Lucifer The embodiment of evil that traditionally refers to a 'fallen' angel in the Judeo-Christian construct, or a Jinn in the Islamic construct
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Philippe de Guzman, assistant case officer of the Office of Exorcism, said Satanic rosaries have odd symbols on them which were not readily noticeable to the untrained eye.
and traditional Satanic plots (such as trying to buy human souls and losing, trying to overthrow God or bring about the apocalypse, etc.
The Satanic Temple, founded in 2014, does not believe in a personal relationship with any demonic being, according to its website.
Unlike the Ten Commandments monument, the state isn't required by law to allow the satanic monument.
The move followed weeks of debate over the Satanic Temple's planned invocation.
On Wednesday, Iran's culture ministry decided to boycott the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair in opposition to the planned presence of Salman Rushdie, the author of the blasphemous book 'The Satanic Verses', in the German cultural event.
In December, a chapter of the Satanic Temple was allowed to display a fallen angel in the Capitol of (where else?
Mitchell, 25, also wants a copy of The Satanic Bible, which calls for followers to create a lawless world where there is no right or wrong and where human sacrif ice and murder is not only tolerated but encouraged.
As well as admitting that murder, she also claimed killing 22 others in a six-year killing spree around the US, as part of an involvement in a satanic cult, that began in Alaska when she was 13.
The Associated Press reported Sunday about the Satanic Temple's plans to donate such a memorial.
Speculation about the existence of a satanic cult grew after police were called to the body of a mutilated foal on Dartmoor, Devon, on Tuesday night.
No conversation with Rushdie can be complete without the mention of Satanic Verses, especially because his visit coincides with the Jaipur Literature Festival, where clerics are demanding the arrest of the authors who read excerpts from the banned novel last year.