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Ethnomedicine A ‘spirit’ or ‘devil’ that may afflict Ethiopians, which is said to speak through its host’s mouth and cause him/her to behave unusually
Vox populi Beelzebub, The Devil, Lucifer The embodiment of evil that traditionally refers to a 'fallen' angel in the Judeo-Christian construct, or a Jinn in the Islamic construct
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'Satan has taken over churches in Nigeria through fake and occultic pastors, CAN, and PFN should rise up and do something before it is too late because God is angry,' Oyadara warned.
Sabrina's favourite teacher was the host of the demonic Lilith (Madam Satan) for the first two seasons but was returned to Greendale with no memory of the possession.
Satan challenges God that if given permission to punish the man, Job will turn and curse God.
ViganE, concluding that his former boss had singled him out as the devil in disguise, complained in his next statement that Francis "compared me to the great accuser, Satan, who sows scandal and division in the Church, though without ever uttering my name".
"I wonder: will you recognize Satan? Will you the Satanic Jew and the Synagogue of Satan," said Farrakhan.
In his book "Defeating the Enemy--Exposing and Overcoming the Strategies of Satan" Phil Hopper helps the Christian overcome and avoid Satan's attacks; those hindrances that keep us from living the abundant life in Christ.
'She was a nuisance to me because she was Satan. She told me herself that she was Satan,' said Estrera whose interview with reporters was primarily filled with incoherent ramblings and religious references.
In exorcisms, healings, authoritative teaching, and later on the cross, Jesus would emerge victorious over Satan. This fundamental conflict with evil is stressed with the noted presence of wild animals, housing demons (Psalm 22:13-22; Isaiah 13:21-22), with Jesus out in the wilderness.
Collectively, these scholars broach a difficult question relating to Satan's speeches: how are readers expected to respond emotionally to lamentations of loss delivered in an affectively charged mode by the most evil character in biblical history?
The Sarmat is being developed at the Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau in the city of Miass and will replace the RS-36M ICBMs, which were dubbed as "Satan" by the NATO when they were commissioned in the 1970s and 1980s.
Surveys say that even the majority of Christians doubt Satan's existence.