Philip, U.S. epidemiologist, 1908-1999. See: Sartwell incubation model.
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Crispin Sartwell teaches philosophy at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
According to Crispin is a philosophy of art and art history in a new way, clarifying notions of aesthetics--beauty, sublimity and representation--and applying them in a political context (p.
(32) Crispin Sartwell, "The Left-Right Political Spectrum Is
Text and photographs by David and Mary Gayle Sartwell
This includes the maintenance of a reasonable degree of contentment among its members' (p119), even though the contemporary state is ultimately based on the monopoly of violence (Sartwell 2008, p9).
At the New Hampshire Union Leader of Manchester, Matt Sartwell has been named managing editor, a new role; previously, he'd been night editor of The Post and Courier of Charleston, S.C., for just less than two years.
It could be argued, as Crispin Sartwell does with reference to the classical and the baroque (201), that the Mediterranean provided a "vocabulary" within which artistic and political discourses inscribed themselves, allowing them to conflate.
An analysis using Sartwell's incubation period model.
Por ultimo, Crispin Sartwell (1995) propone enfrentar la vida diaria con una perspectiva estetica, a distancia y con veneracion (como si se estuviera inmerso en un museo), a fin de transformar la cotidianidad.
De manera similar, otros acercamientos senalan como las obras de arte y los objetos disenados esteticamente mejoran la vida diaria, en una suerte de continuidad entre arte y cotidianidad y, a su vez, redefinen la practica artistica como un hacer experto y dedicado de artefactos que sirven en diversas funciones para la vida diaria (Sartwell 9).