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A gene on chromosome 10q22.1 that encodes a protein involved in transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi apparatus. SAR1A is required to maintain SEC16A localisation at discrete locations on the ER membrane. SAR1A-GTP-dependent assembly of SEC16A on the ER membrane forms an organised scaffold that defines endoplasmic reticulum exit sites (ERES).
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Using drones and satellite imagery, Sarai also permits more accurate assessment of crop damage due to calamities, and deliver site-specific crop advisories to farmers.
MNHD's land includes 3.5m sqm in Cairo, with Taj City extending across the Cairo International Airport, and SARAI extending across 5.5m sqm in a strategic location on the Suez Road next to the New Administrative Capital.
Still, the experience scared Sarai enough that she told her family that she needed to talk to someone about her anxiety, and they sought professional help.
The Tunisian theatre also lost Sunday actress Saida Sarai, 37, who died in a Paris clinic where she was fighting against cancer.
Here, the ITI is running inside the ' Arab Ki Sarai,'.
CUTLINE: Sarai Rivera, who defeated incumbent Barbara G.
His body was identified by relatives after being found near his car in Sarai Alamgir, 150 kilometres southeast of Islamabad.
route enters Haryana state)--Hodal--Palwal--Faridabad--Khwaja Sarai (hereafter starts the territory of Delhi)--Badarpur--Nizamuddin--Delhi--Badli--Narela (here the route enters Haryana again)--Sonepat--Ganaur--Samalkha--Panipat--Gharonda--Karnal--Taraori --Thanesar--Shahabad--Kot Kachhwaha--Ambala (here the route enters East Punjab)--Shambhu--Rajpura--Sarai Banjara (Aluwa Sarai of William Finch and Jahangir)--Sirhind--Khanna--Sarai Lashkar Khan--Doraha--Kanech--Ludhiana--Philaur--Nurmahal--Nakodar--Mahlian Kalan--Sultanpur Lodi--Goindwal--Fatehabad--Naurangabad--Nurdi--Sarai Amanat Khan--Raja Taal (the remaining route lies in West Punjab, Pakistan)--Sarai Khan-i Khanan--Lahore.
The French actor's dad Robert confirmed Olivier is dating sultry Sarai Givati, 24.
The pair have made up since the Sunday Mirror revealed the 39-year-old actor spent three days with Israeli beauty Sarai Givati, 24, earlier this month.
Abram's nomadic existence once again intersects with God's promises, leaving a sense that God is always on the journey with Sarai and Abram.
Beautifully illustrated throughout, The Healing Power Of Seashells by Daya Sarai Chocron is an informative introduction to the remarkable composition and healing properties of the natural and beautiful seashell.