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(Ramón y Cajal) (kah-hahl', rah-mōn' ē ka-hal'),
Santiago, Spanish histologist and 1906 Nobel laureate, 1852-1934. See: Cajal cell, horizontal cell of Cajal, Cajal astrocyte stain, interstitial nucleus of Cajal.
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Santiago Ramon y Cajal and the Spanish school of neurology.
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La figura del intelectual cientifico Santiago Ramon y Cajal, por ejemplo, tan ensalzada por el premio Nobel, es exclusivamente masculina, y tambien, a la postre, lo es la patria.
While it was Santiago Ramon y Cajal who discovered that nerve cells have identifiable gaps, or synapses, between them, it was Golgi who came up with a way to stain neurons so that their behavior could be studied.
One hundred years ago, the Spanish neuroscientist Santiago Ramon y Cajal postulated that diffusible chemical attractants weave neural networks by sending signals to the developing brain.