Sanky Panky

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A male sex worker in the Caribbean who solicits tourist clients on beaches and other public places
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From mascaras, eye-liners and eye shadows to primers, foundations, even simple moisturisers and creams, cosmetic products have a shelf life beyond which their use could be harmful for the body, Dubai-based Sanyukta Kumar of Blend by Sanky said.
2017 -- Sanky Communications -- Covenant House 2,000 Heroes for Homeless Kids
Among the other speakers who will share the latest trends of modern technologies and innovations in transportation and infrastructure are Abdullah Al Mogbel, chairman of the IRF; Antony Foxx, former US Secretary of Transportation who will be the keynote speaker during the opening session; and Patrick Sanky, CEO of the IRF.
Katie Rigby and |Sam Sanky from Foxford School going to Coombe Abbey
Sankarayya - known to everyone who knows him as Sanky - is the latest manifestation of D&AD's rigid system of rotating the presidency annually between a designer and an agency creative to reflect what hasn't always been a comfortable alliance between its two constituencies.
Also remembering husband and dad Sanky, son and brother Jeff, son and brother Fred.
Mayoress Abigail Pitt with co-stars Gemma Nicholls (left) and Lucy Sanky.
Wilkies won their first league game with a 2-1 win over Penketh & Sanky Eagle, Mike Bramall and Paul Gallop scoring Wilkies' goals.
Donaldson, Fletcher, and Sanky provided local theater, dances, concerts, and flower shows to spice up people's lives.
Sanky nos ha resumido la tesis de Quine sobre la indeterminacion de la traduccion de la siguiente forma: "Quine's thesis, in brief, is that 'manuals for translating one languaje into another can be set up in divergent ways, all compatible with the totality of speech dispositions, yet incompatible with one another," en su obra: Incommensurability Thesis, Editorial Avebury, 1994, capitulo 1, p.
Maneval, president of the direct mail marketing firm of Sanky Perlowin Associates.