Sanger method

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San·ger meth·od

the method for the sequencing of DNA employing an enzyme that can polymerize DNA and labeled nucleotides.


Frederick, English biochemist and twice Nobel laureate, 1918–.
Sanger method - sequencing of DNA by employing an enzyme that can polymerase DNA and labeled nucleotides.
Sanger reagent - Synonym(s): fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene
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The Sanger method routinely sequences DNA segments containing 800 base pairs, while the 454 Life Sciences report describes sequencing only 100-base-pair segments.
The introduction in 1998 of automated capillary sequencers based on the Sanger method brought the level of throughput necessary to complete the sequencing of the first human genome.
First New Sequence Trace Format Adopted by NCBI Since Sanger Method -
To analyze a 5 MB bacterial genome, a process which used to take up to several months with the Sanger method, MWG Biotech can sequence and compare the complete genome in just a few days.