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A term used in various fields of medicine in which a process is layered—as in immune-mediated reactions—or has a layered appearance—as seen in radiology
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On the lowest end of the sandwich scale, the impact of a homemade ham-and-cheese, constructed with a particular recipe, was measured to be the equivalent of the amount of carbon dioxide a car would add to the atmosphere while driving a little more than 3 miles.
We invented the sandwich back in the 18th century - well, Lord Sandwich did because he was too busy to either leave the gaming table or his desk at the Admiralty and needed to eat on the hoof, so to speak - so it beholds us to mark this British culinary innovation.
Jim Winship, Director the British Sandwich Association explains: "It is no surprise to see chicken varieties scoring well as they currently account for around 30 percent of sandwich sales in the retail sector, but we did not really expect to see the BLT to take the number one spot.
Slice the radishes and stick on to the sides of the train with a little sandwich filling to resemble wheels.
Other unique sandwich suggestions include Pav Bhaji, Carnitas Sandwiches, Ethiopian Wraps, and Chow Mein Sandwiches.
Stuff them, drench them in marmalade, butter them up or roll them in cheese -- 250 years since it first came into existence, the humble sandwich has proved Darwin's Theory of Evolution right.
Customers can pick their choice of fresh meat, vegetables and condiments, topped with sauces to create a tasty sandwich like no other.
Sainsbury's sold a third more lunch boxes and sales of its sandwich bagswere up by a quarter in the last month.
Organic sandwich brand Fresh Naturally Organic is launching the sandwiches, aimed at children between 18 months and six years old, under its new Fresh for Kids brand.
Only 10 per cent of its 100 sandwich lines are now white.
Her chicken sandwich was tried, tested and judged by a panel, which included TV personalities Gail Porter and Keith Chegwin, celebrity chef Silvana Franco and Philip Brown, a member of the British Sandwich Association.
Use an at-home panini press or grill or lacking that, a grill pan or skillet in tandem with a foil-wrapped brick to weight the sandwich down.