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sandra (sänˑ·dr),

adj in Ayurveda, “dense,” “concentrated,” or “solid” as a guna, one of the qualities characterizing all substances. Its complement is drava. See also gunas and drava.
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Now this one may confuse you, but Sandra is well used to the number of parents who give their baby their phone to play with and, of course, they have their vet on speed dial (A is for Abbey.
Sandra, 69, was born in Wenvoe but moved to Birmingham with her parents when she was two.
The Senate Criminal Justice Committee approved the Sandra Bland Act on May 2.
Grant wrote that Sandra had treated her with more love than her own mother.
It was not the first time Grant had stolen from Sandra.
Madison were asleep, Sandra would listen to it sigh around the house.
If you can't change the people, then change the people:Overnight, Sandra had colleagues who were senior to her reporting to her.
Although Sandra later on claimed that her feelings for him have toned down to friendship, some of their fellow housemates still thought that her world revolved around Sam.
Although I was four years older than Sandra we both commenced nursing training in February 1980, Sandra at St George Hospital in Kogarah while I went out to the country.
La conference commemorative Ryley-Jeffs donnee par Sandra Matheson lors du congres 2013 des Dietetistes du Canada et que nous vous presentons dans ce numero offre un apercu de ce qu'est l'esprit d'entrepreneuriat : <<etre a l'aise avec l'incertitude, apprendre a prendre des risques calcules, et oser essayer>> (p.