A proprietary human immune globulin, see there.
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sandoglobulin package vi - lapromidum package vii - different drugs, Package viii - clexane, Packages ix - aransep and neulasta package x - hemostatic sponges package xi - albumins package xii - immunoglobulins.
5 %10 Likid Maltoz Sandoglobulin Novartis %3,6,9,12 glukoz Liyofilize 20mg/g IgG Gammagard S/D Baxter/Hyland 5% AlbUmin, Liyofilize glisin, glUkoz Venoglobulin Alpha 5% Albumin(insan) S %10 Likid D-sorbitol Gammar-PIV Centeon, Liyofilize AlbUmin(insan) L.
5, 5, 10 gm Sandoglobulin Sandoz 1, 3, 6, 12 gm Venoglobulin-I Alpha Therapeutic 2.
BW HealthWire)--June 1, 1998-- AmeriSource Health Corporation (NYSE:AAS) Monday announced an agreement between its Health Services Plus specialty distribution system and Health Services Corporation of America (HSCA) to be the sole provider of Novartis' Sandoglobulin to HSCA's 2100 healthcare facility membership.