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Referring to a cylindrical or elongated structure with a central constriction likened, sometimes in only a very general sense, to an hourglass
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They see that if a sand timer can give consistent results for three or four consecutive tests, then it can be a fairly reliable simple machine to use for various daily activities.
For more challenging play, you can use the included sand timer.
Other features include a sand timer that delays the presentation of the picture choices so there is a greater challenge to the child's working memory; on/off settings for text; choice of color drawing icons or stick figures; and a progress/data tracker that allows the user to collect and save data, and email or print it.
A modern take on a traditional sand timer, the sand takes four minutes to flow through.
Readers are also introduced to other devices for measuring time, such as egg timers, stopwatches, and kitchen timers; instructions are also given to make a sand timer.
The game includes a dome cover for the grid to make mixing up the letters easier and a three-minute sand timer.