Sand Painting

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A component of Navajo medicine which is meant to address the spiritual cause of illness
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* the Navajo also make sand paintings to sell to tourists
Let your sand painting dry completely and then spray it with a fixative.
We were all profoundly affected by the holy man who would create a sand painting on the floor each day before our eyes.
It's a bit like Navajo sand painting. It's not very permanent in relation to art.
For days, the Dalai Lama and more than two dozen Buddhist monks have purified the grounds of the Tibetan Cultural Centre, meticulously crafting a brilliant sand painting called a mandala.
At the same time, the company has launched Sand Painting, a collection of borders with coordinating fabrics that have a decidedly Southwest design flavor.
BEIJING: Over 30 Pakistani youths displayed their talents by elegantly contesting in music, speech, sand painting and photography competitions at the opening day of 2nd Silk Road and Young Dreams held here on Saturday.
Other activities will include a Swiss food festival, a pop music concert, Peking Opera and a Spanish sand painting show.
The new products include wood carvings and wood-cut toys, metal crafts, decoupage, frames, ribbon art, sand painting, and 'paracord' (parachute cord) accessories, as well as special marshmallows, among others.
While here, they will demonstrate the sacred art of sand painting by creating a mandala on a table in Conant Library at the college.
Popular in South India, especially Tamil Nadu, kolam is a kind of sand painting, which is drawn using rice powder and is said to bring prosperity to homes.