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6] In 1897, Sanarelli, an Italian bacteriologist, injected five people with an organism that he had isolated to prove his postulation that it caused yellow fever.
In the wake of the Sanarelli scandal, when Walter Reed was commissioned to identify the cause of yellow fever, a raging epidemic in Cuba at that time, he developed ethical guidelines to act as safeguards for the research, which was to be overseen by the US Army's Yellow Fever Board.
33 El profesor Giuseppe Sanarelli, bacteriologo italiano y director del Instituto de Higiene Experimental de la Universidad de Montevideo, aislo un pequeno bacilo en mas de la mitad de las autopsias de personas fallecidas por fiebre amarilla, lo cultivo en animales y lo inoculo en perros que desarrollaron sintomas similares, por lo que dedujo que se trataba del agente causal de dicha enfermedad, al cual designo que era en realidad un invasor secundario.
Sanarelli's serum" was a yellow fever prophylactic and treatment developed by the distinguished Italian bacteriologist Giuseppe Sanarelli in 1897.
Gianfranco Branchi (Via Sanarelli 11--I-52100 Arezzo, Italy), who shares a large table with Massimo Galimberti from Arezzo, Tuscany, had a good selection of mineral-related plates and books, including some books from the library of the late Rivista Mineralogica Italiana Editor Erberto Tealdi (1934-1996).
6] In 1897, Giuseppe Sanarelli, an Italian bacteriologist injected five people with an organism that he had isolated to prove his postulate that it caused yellow fever.