Soemmerring, Samuel Thomas von

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Samuel Thomas von, German anatomist, 1755-1830.
ring of Soemmerring - a mass of lenticular fibers enclosed between the anterior and posterior portion of the lenticular capsule, leaving the pupillary area relatively free.
Soemmerring ganglion - a large cell mass extending forward over the dorsal surface of the crus cerebri from the rostral border of the pons into the subthalamic region. Synonym(s): substantia nigra
Soemmerring ligament - small fibers attaching the lacrimal gland to the periorbita.
Soemmerring muscle - a fasciculus occasionally passing from the thyrohyoid muscle to the isthmus of the thyroid gland. Synonym(s): levator muscle of thyroid gland
Soemmerring spot - an oval area of the sensory retina at the center of which is the central fovea, which contains only retinal cones. Synonym(s): macula retinae
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