Schwartz, Samuel

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Samuel, U.S. physician, 1916–.
Watson-Schwartz test - see under Watson, Cecil J
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The daughter of a black philo-Semitic mother and a white Jewish father (Helen Clark and Samuel Schwartz, separated since Oreo's infancy), Oreo's "epic" journey requires only a short trip from Philadelphia to New York City.
(12) Both of these allusions layer the scene's complex engagement with authenticity and racial performance, while echoing Samuel Schwartz's work as a voice actor and foreshadowing Oreo's own foray into voice acting and performing a "Jewish voice." Notably, Oreo features no evidence of Helen or Oreo observing shabbes, despite two instances of Helen's mortification at white Jews' not doing so.
Samuel Schwartz, Oreo's long estranged father, ultimately dies because of his failure to properly see his daughter.
In Oreo, the mezuzah is associated with Samuel Schwartz, a voice actor, while in Yes I Can the mezuzah is associated with Eddie Cantor (and, of course, Sammy Davis Jr., himself).
It is "everything we take for granted," said Samuel Schwartz, president of Sam Schwartz Engineering.