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a chemical element, atomic number 62, atomic weight 150.35, symbol Sm. (See Appendix 6.) The complex samarium Sm 153 lexidronam is used in the palliative treatment of bone pain associated with osteoblastic metastatic bone lesions, administered intravenously.
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Symbol for samarium.
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adjective Referring to the vehicular capability of moving approximately half a unit (soldiers, wounded, etc.) at a time.
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Symbol for samarium
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On his return two years later, Samuel wouldn't be the same man who left his young family in 1914.
Dad PaulTraynor accompanied Samuel on the journey, which began at their home in Coney Park.
Samuel's belief is rooted in antinatalism, a philosophy that teaches procreation as morally bad.
It is a shame that the city where Samuel was born has not done this.
Steven Rawlingson, CEO at Samuel Knight, said: "We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve with the investment, and how this will help us to support commercial goals.
This only served to torture Samuel further, and he turned to alcohol for consolation.
Samuel said the acquisition is an important strategic step that moves the company's Manufacturing Division into a new and growing market segment.
Samuel played seven times for the Bluebirds in 2011, after joining on loan from Bolton.
Samuel was born in Trinidad before moving to England where he represented London Schoolboys teams.
This acquisition expands Samuel's manufacturing capabilities while adding a market company to its manufacturing group of companies.