Sambucus nigra

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Herbal medicine
A flowering shrub, the flowers and berries of which contain cyanogenic glycosides, essential fatty (linoleic, linolenic and palmitic) acids, flavonoids, mucilage, pectins, resin, tannic acid and vitamin C. It is antipyretic, diaphoretic, expectorant, laxative and a mild stimulant; it has been used as an infusion for colds and respiratory tract infections, and topically for skin irritation and conjunctivitis.

Sambucus nigra

(sam-bu'kus nig'ra, -boo') [L. sambucus nigra, black elderbery] See: elderberry

Sambucus nigra,

n See elderberry.
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In a previous study, an extract of Sambucus nigra L demonstrated antimicrobial activity in vitro against 13 common nosocomial gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens, including methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia colif and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Sambucus nigra, Euphrasia officinalis, Inula helenium, Glycyrrhiza glabra and Oleo europa)
Elder is the ideal choice for bacterial and viral infections as it contains anthocyanins, which enhance the immune function by boosting the production of cytokines; Elderflower - sambucus nigra This is such a traditional flower, that it needs very little introduction.
A proprietary admixture, 3,4',5-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene (resveratrol), Sambucus nigra L.
My favourite had to be Sambucus nigra "Black Lace" with its large but finely divided leaves in rich purple-black.
Elderberry Extract (Quantum) Uses Sambucus nigra species, (liquid or capsules) which, unlike other species, is not known to have side effects.
Autumn and winter fruits and berries: Sambucus nigra (Elderberry), Hippophae rhamnoides (Sea buckthorn), Prunus spinosa (Sloe or Blackthorn) and Rosa canina (Dog Rose).
caprificus, Populus nigra, Populus alba, Salix pedicellata, Sambucus nigra, etc.
This year, favourites to win the vote are Sambucus nigra `Black Lace', an elegant, filigree-leaved elder, and Ligularia `Britt Marie Crawford', a moisture-loving perennial with very dark brown foliage and contrasting yellow flowers.
The elder, Sambucus nigra, is a native plant of Europe and has had an interesting history in Britain, being used in Medieval times to keep the Devil away, then being revered as an excellent hedging plant in 18th-century Britain and, in more recent years having been classified in some peoples eyes as a weed.
y Sambucus nigra, registrandose una presencia mas esporadica de Acer pseudoplatanus, Juglans regia, Ligustrum vulgare, Prunus avium, P.