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Maximilian, German ophthalmologist, 1862-1954. See: Salzmann nodular corneal degeneration.
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The dangers of moving from ideal type to essentialist stereotype is apparent in Salzman's account of the relationship between Islam and other faiths, which is described as driven by a us (Umma) versus them (infidels) dynamic (131-52).
It appeared in Nature, the former English publication that now refers to itself as the "international weekly journal of science." The writers are Americans, Hal Salzman of Rutgers University and Lindsay Lowell of Georgetown University.
Marian Salzman, the chief marketing officer for public relations firm Porter Novelli, advises insurers to stay away from provocation and risk taking.
Almost everyone who has written on Bernard Malamud's acclaimed short story "The Magic Barrel" notes that Pinye Salzman, the matchmaker, smells "frankly of fish, which he loved to eat." (1) Most critics pay no further attention to this strange fact, which suggests that this detail, which is insisted upon a number of times in the text (e.g., p.
Paul Salzman. Reading Early Modern Women's Writing.
Contact: Cynthia Salzman, MHA, Public Information Specialist, Northwest Regional SCI System, 206-685-3999 / 206-685-3244 (fax).
"Sustainability has evolved from a niche segment concern to a major factor influencing purchasing and shopping behavior across a sizable consumer base," says Andrew Salzman, IRI's chief marketing officer.
"This is a true thought leadership forum," notes Andrew Salzman, IRI's chief marketing officer.
The report's authors, the Urban Institute's Hal Salzman and Georgetown University professor B.
The final section, "Religious Violence," upon which I will focus the majority of my remarks, begins with an essay by Michele Salzman on pagan-Christian violence.
"From the very beginning, our goal was to blur the line between fast-casual and casual dining," says Seth Salzman, senior vice president of Atlanta-based Raving Brands, parent of seven-unit Boneheads Grilled Fish & Piri-Piri Chicken.
Salzman said as he floated in full scuba gear in Walter Reed Army Medical Center's aquatic-therapy pool in Washington, D.C.