Maugeri, Salvatore

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Salvatore, Italian physician, 1905–.
Maugeri syndrome - cardiopulmonary symptoms associated with silicate exposure. Synonym(s): silicotic mediastinopathy
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They first went to the National Centre of Oncological Hadrontherapy (CNAO), where he underwent carbon ion therapy until January, and later moved to San Matteo Policlinico in mid-February for further treatment followed by rehabilitation at the Foundation Salvatore Maugeri.
Giuseppe Sileno, MD, is a Nephrology Fellow, Unit of Nephrology and Dialysis, Fondazione IRCCS Salvatore Maugeri, Pavia, Italy.
Department of Public Health, Experimental and Forensic Medicine, Occupational Medicine Unit "Salvatore Maugeri"
Silvia Priori, MD, PhD and her team at the Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri in Pavia, Italy into the development of therapeutics to address unmet medical need in inherited arrhythmias.
The analysis protocol was adapted for our specific equipment from the Radiello sampler manual (Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri, 2006), previous studies (Angiuli et al., 2003; Cocheo, Boaretto, & Sacco, 1996; Godoi et al., 2009), and established standard methods (U.S.
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Rovere, a cardiologist at the Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri clinic in Pavia, Italy.
[4] Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri IRCCS Istituto Scientifico di Telese Terme Benevento, Italy
Ugo Corra of the Salvatore Maugeri Foundation, Veruno.